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As the Soviet and Russian military and civil aviation equipment proved to be in service in other countries

As the Soviet and Russian military and civil aviation equipment
proved to be in service in other countries

Rastorguev D.I.

School  №37, the city of Stavropol

Probably, many of us, flying airplanes of various Russian airlines, rarely think about “Why do foreign airliners mainly fly on Russian airways?” Having set myself the goal of sorting out this issue, I wrote this historical research paper. In the future, collecting, studying and analyzing materials on this work, I simultaneously tried to find out for myself: Is Russia a great aviation power? What is included in this concept? Who is to blame for the fact that we do not have competitive civil aircraft? Has it always been like this? And, what will happen next ....? The theme of my work is also the best suited for this. In the first section of my work, I tried to briefly show the history of the origin, formation, development and work of the domestic aviation industry in various conditions and under different social systems. It was established that the peak of development of our domestic aircraft industry was in the Soviet era - 1960-1980s. At present, I would rate the state of the domestic aviation industry as "an attempt to rise from my knees." In the future, in preparation for the report, I added another section in which I tried to show the history of deliveries abroad of domestic aircraft and give a periodization of the development of our aircraft industry and deliveries abroad of aircraft. In the section "Soviet and Russian aircraft abroad" gave a brief analysis of the work of our aircraft. He cited some facts and results of the combat activities of our aircraft in various wars and military conflicts, reviews of our equipment of foreign specialists and the media. He showed and proved that we have something to be proud of, that our aircraft is no worse than the best world models. According to the main criterion for assessing "efficiency - price - quality" in the military segment, Russian aircraft compares favorably with other competitors. But further prospects for the development of the aviation industry are vague concern. As a result of the work, I came to the conclusion:

Our country is still a great aviation power.
Soviet and Russian aircraft technology has proven itself in the service abroad and we have something to be proud of.
The reasons for the decline in the development of the Russian aviation industry and the lack of domestic aircraft on our routes are both objective and subjective reasons. (- Weak personnel policy; Inadequate mobility of the Government's actions on external and internal economic challenges; - Incompetence and corruption among the leadership of ministries and departments; - Lack of performance discipline and the principle of personal responsibility for the task entrusted; - ongoing sale of assets of aviation industry enterprises without taking into account ategicheskogo development of the industry).
4. Everyone needs to know and remember their history and understand that the aviation industry is not profit, but the security and sovereignty of the state.!

Категория: Тезисы для публикаций в СМИ | Добавил: Раптор (09.04.2020) | Автор: Rastorguev Daniil Igorevich
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