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Почему у авиамоделизма всегда есть будущее?

The reasons why does model aircraft construction always have a future

Medovikova A.I.

Ufa State Aviation Technical University


 The relevance of model aircraft construction is connected with the innovation of aviation and astronautics, the history of our country and humanity. Model aircraft construction facilitates the formation of new ideas and solutions and also the development of creativity. Model aircraft construction is the designing, producing and testing of aircraft models. It is technical creativity and sport as well.


The purpose of this work is to investigate the reasons why does model aircraft construction always have a future.


   In the first part of the work the history of the formation of model aircraft construction starting from the creation of the first aircraft models is reviewed. It was established that model aircraft construction gained particular popularity in different countries with the development of technological progress although initially it appeared from a human dream of flying. There are three historical stages of the formation of model aircraft construction in Russia. It starts with the works of M.V. Lomonosov and A.F. Mozhaysky. Also it the first part of this work we considered the role of model aircraft construction in the Second World War.


   In the second part we analyzed the features of the current state of model aircraft construction and the prospects for its development. Also we considered the classification of aeromodelling. In our century people look toward exploring the space and in the near future people will definitely live and work there. A new generation who consciously considers the Solar System as their home and is more prepared to overcome difficulties that are connected with it is coming. There is no limits for the development of technological wonder: people dream about new spaces and therefore they need to create new models.


 The third section contains the investigation that summarizes the opinions of experienced professionals about the future of model aircraft construction. There was made a list of questions for this study. These questions were discussed in a face-to-face meeting with cosmonaut Yu. G. Shargin, with the head of the aircraft model club A.V. Romanov, with the participant in the construction of the “Buran” spacecraft A.V.Shcherbakov, and with test pilot of space technology U. Sultanov. The interview allowed us to conclude that model aircraft construction is popular and it has a future.


  The fourth part is practical and it is devoted to construction of operational models of aerospace vehicles of different degree of complexity that are made for satellite placement to maximum altitude. For project execution the team goes through all stages of the technical project starting from the experimental development to the launch of the aircraft. Participants of the project get acquainted with modern methods of calculating, designing, manufacturing, testing of models and application of control systems during the work. The work helps everyone to expand their technical horizons, think about personal development and the right choice of a profession. Summarizing the results of successful launches, the team received a winner’s certificate in their league at the All-Russian Championship of Moscow State University “Air Engineering School”.


  The results of the work allow us to draw conclusions about the future of model aircraft construction and assign the factors affecting its formation in our country. The history of human development and scientific and technological progress determine the future of model aircraft construction. Aircraft construction always has a future and it means that It is necessary to develop creative abilities, create more and more advanced models of aircraft and missiles models!

Категория: Тезисы для публикаций в СМИ | Добавил: Арина1001 (08.04.2020) | Автор: Медовикова Арина Игоревна
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